Become a Freemason

Freemasonry has in all ages insisted that men shall come to its door entirely of their own free-will – not as a result of solicitation, not from feelings of curiosity, but from a favorable opinion of the Institution and a desire to be ranked among its members.

To become a Freemason in Washington you must be a man of good moral character and reputation, 18 years of age or older, a resident of Washington State for 6 months or more (exceptions for military), and possess a belief in a creator / higher power. You must ask a member of a Lodge to become a member; you will not be invited or solicited.

If you are interested but do not know a local Mason to ask, please contact the lodge and we will get in touch to meet with you and help you start your journey.

You can learn more about the requirements and process of joining on the website for the Grand Lodge of Washington.

If you’d like a good introductory source of accurate information about Freemasonry, the book Freemasons for Dummies by Brother Chris Hodapp is held in high regard and is widely available.